SolidCAM 2011 SP8 for SolidWorks 2009-2013

SolidCAM 2011 SP8 for SolidWorks 2009-2013

SolidCAM является полным, "лучший в своем классе" люкс для изготовления эффективного и прибыльного CNC-программирования в SolidWorks, обеспечивает плавную однооконную интеграцию и полную ассоциативность с моделью разработки SolidWorks.

With the single-window integration of SolidCAM in SolidWorks, all machining operations can be defined, calculated and verified without leaving the parametric SolidWorks assembly environment.

All 2D and 3D geometries used for machining are fully associative to the SolidWorks design model. If you do any changes to your SolidWorks model, all your CAM operations will be automatically updated. In a single CAM-part, several SolidWorks configurations can be used. Each configuration can represent an independent state or production step of a workpiece.

Who is SolidCAM and why can they do what other CAM suppliers can’t?

With over 27 years expertise in CAM development and applications, SolidCAM started out as a fully integrated CAD/CAM system. After many years of successful development, the founder, Dr. Emil Somekh, realized it was more efficient to focus on developing an integrated CAM system for SolidWorks and thus leverage all the power of the company to develop the CAM functionality and use the great import and CAD power of SolidWorks. This same architecture was used to later integrate with Inventor also.

SolidCAM's powerful CAM products supports the complete range of major manufacturing applications including 2.5D Milling, High Speed Surface milling, 3D Milling/High-Speed Machining, Multi-sided Indexial 4/5 axes Milling, Simultaneous 5 axes Milling, Turning, Turn-Mill and WireEDM.

About SolidCAM Ltd.

SolidCAM's founder and Managing Director, Dr. Emil Somekh, is a veteran of 41 years in CAD/CAM development and applications. He is also a veteran of 12 years in the Aircaft Industry, before establishing SolidCAM in 1984. Besides his management role, Dr. Somekh is deeply involved in the product development and business development strategies in SolidCAM.

The integration strategy of SolidCAM, in the major 3D mainstream CAD systems, SolidWorks and Inventor, has created major growth for SolidCAM and established SolidCAM as the leaders in Integrated CAM.

SolidCAM has the Certified Gold-product status from SolidWorks since 2003 and provides seamless, single-window integration and full associativity to the SolidWorks design model.

SolidCAM 2011 SP8 for SolidWorks 2009-2013

Название: SolidCAM
Версия: 2011 SP8 (build 41597 24.06.2012) for SolidWorks 2009-2012
Интерфейс: multilanguage
Платформа: x32/x64
ОС: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Системные требования: SolidWorks 2009-2012
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 4.12 Gb

Язык: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

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